January 15, 2020

Dark Mode on Flutter with ThemeMode and Provider

In this article I will present a method of implementing dynamic Dark Mode on Flutter using ThemeMode and the plugin provider. There are many ways to apply the dynamic theme...


January 2, 2020

How to access API with Basic Authentication in Flutter

In Flutter development it is critical to access APIs that have some kind of authentication and the most popular method is Basic Authentication, which basically consists of sending the user and...


December 26, 2019

Setting Up Flutter Desktop on MacOS

Work is underway to extend Flutter to support the desktop, allowing developers to build macOS, Windows, and Linux applications with Flutter Desktop. Flutter 1.3 Alpha currently lets you compile...


December 8, 2019

Widgets FLUI FLFlatButton, FLRaisedButton e FLGradientButton

Os Widgets e botões do FLUI FLFlatButton e FLRaisedButton incluem alguns widgets baseados no FlatButton & RaisedButton nativos do Flutter e também adicionaram...