Hello Elementor: Build websites from scratch with Elementor Pro

The Hello Elementor theme is a simple theme, developed by the Elementor team itself and is recommended to build your website from scratch using the Elementor Page Builder plugin in conjunction with Elementor Pro.

This theme redefines the environment and prepares you for the smooth operation of Elementor Pro and Theme Builder.

Getting to know the Hello Elementor theme

The Hello Elementor Theme is free and available on the official WordPress directory.

Getting to know the Hello Elementor theme

With the Hello Elementor theme you can have a great performance in GTMetrix and also Pingdom. In addition, the Hello Elementor Theme allows you to customize 100% of your website design from the header to the footer.

Hello Elementor is Perfect for Elementor Pro

The Hello theme works immediately and offers consistent compatibility with Elementor.

When we launch a new version of Elementor, most tests are done using the Hello theme. Our developers ensure that Hello is always up to date.

Design your entire website with Elementor

Build it once. Use your layouts everywhere. In the past, you were limited to creating static pages.

It is now so easy to design dynamic models. Create your content structure and apply it to your website with just one click:

  • Footer header: Visually customize the header and footer areas of your website;
  • Post Single and Page: Create templates that determine the layout of your website’s posts;
  • Posts Archive: Your main blog page can be completely built using the theme builder;
  • WooCommerce: Customize your online store layout with Elementor’s WooCommerce Builder;
  • Search page: Provide a better search experience for your visitors, creating the search page;
  • Page 404: Create creative 404 pages that offer a better user experience when the visitor gets lost;
  • Works with any theme: Theme Builder works on any theme, giving you the freedom to choose;
  • More than 20 dynamic widgets: Use pre-built widgets to display dynamic content from your website;
  • Pre-designed blocks: Build pages intelligently using dynamic blocks;
  • Custom field integration: Connect to custom field plugins like ACF, Toolset and PODS;
  • 100% Responsive Design: Use the mobile edition to ensure that your theme is always responsive;
  • Fully customizable: Take advantage of the power of Elementor to personalize each part of your theme;
  • Multi-location: Create multiple headers, footers and other theme templates;
  • Sticky header: Apply a fixed header that follows your users as they roll.

Define exactly where templates are displayed

Apply templates on your site or for specific conditions, such as categories or types of posting. You can assemble as many templates as you like and display areas with different layout on your website or blog.

The flexibility with which Theme Builder allows you to have 100% control of every detail of your website. You’ve never had so much freedom to create with WordPress before. All without codes or scripts.

Thank you!

Luiz Eduardo Oliveira Fonseca

Infra @ Powertic, Rails Developer, Mautic Docker and Saelos Docker Maintainer, Mautic Translation Reviewer, Mautic Brasil Community Administrator

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